We grind our PVB [Poly Vinyl Butyral] off cuts in to chips which is used by the paint industry to make etching primer.
If you need PVB Chips please contact us.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +27 11 473-6700

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curved walkin showerDo you need a bathroom revamp?

We manufacture, supply and install custom made frameless shower glass doors.
Our shower doors are of the highest quality. Hundered percent local content.
Our glass complies with the national building regulations and all toughened glass carries the SABS mark.
Installation is available in Gauteng South Africa.
Distribution is available world-wide.

We bring inspiration and tasteful design to your bathroom.

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Bullet proof glassFurman Glass manufactures and supplies glass that is bullet resistant. This glass has many applications and can be used in banking halls, guard houses, cash counters and other high risk areas. Our glass is specifically manufactured according to the calibre of the bullet threat. Bullet Resistant Glass, commonly referred as bullet proof glass is only resistant to the threat it is designed to resist. Our glass can be designed to resist a high cablibre bullet. Safety of you, your people and product is alwaysof primary concern. Enquire with us and let us assist you make strong bullet resistant glass.
bullet proof resistant glass

Furman Glass manufactures and supplies swimming pool glass. Glass has many applications in a swimming pool environment including viewing panels into swimming pools or aquariums and fencing around a swimming pool. 

new swimming pool

Dream Swimming Pool Ideas

The Dream swimming pool. Let us help you build yours.
With some many amazing pool designs we can help design, manufacture and supply that custom glass to make your pool stand out and look amazing. 
Look at these pools for some inspiration.

beautiful glass poolcool pool glass pool personglass swimming pool prettyglass wall swimming poolglass walled swimming pool 2glass jacuzzisquare glass pool

Sound absorbing glassFurman Glass manufactures and supplies glass that absorbs sound. This glass has many applications and can be used in industrial areas and factories, building sites, noisy areas, areas with traffic pollution, airports and hearing test facilities. There are also many other sound proofing applications like music rooms etc. Furman Glass’s sound absorbing glass brand is WhispaShield. Get the right acoustic levels for your house, studio, room or auditorium.